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This is a recollection of blog entries that used to live in the previous incarnations of this site. You will notice that they're written both in English and in Brazilian Portuguese, as the latter is my mother language. Please feel free to take a look around and to subscribe to the feed, if you want to be updated when I post new content here.

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Week 13, 2024

Posted: 2024-03-30.

I have finished my seventh book of the year — the first volume of The Southern Reach Trilogy, “Annihilation”, which I've read it in Brazilian Portuguese, where it's called “Aniquilação”, a simple, direct translation.

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Por que gostamos tanto de ovo de Páscoa no Brasil?

Posted: 2024-03-27.

O Ghedin escreveu recentemente sobre ovos de Páscoa: além de reforçar que comprar barra de chocolate vale mais a pena do que comprar ovo de Páscoa, — uma verdade que aqui em casa já sabemos há tempos —, ele levantou duas dúvidas:

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Week 12, 2024

Posted: 2024-03-23.

I finished reading the second Dune Trilogy book, Dune Messiah, in Portuguese. Compared to book one, this was way harder to read and, sometimes, even hard to follow along, at least for me. The story wasn’t so captivating, so I crawled through the book, not being able to actually and properly enjoy it the way I wanted. As I bought the three first books, I started Children of Dune right away (if going through the first screens in an ebook can be considered “_starting_"). I’m yet not sure I’ll read it right away, though, as I feel my mind could probably use some rest from the Dune universe right now… we’ll see.

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Week 11, 2024

Posted: 2024-03-16.

I started this week coughing — a very _dry_, _insisting_ and _strong_ cough. Allied with two feverish sensations last Sunday and Monday, this was enough to take me to the doctor, so I could see what was happening. I have a long time relationship with chronic sinusitis, and my first thought was that another crisis was on its way.

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Week 10, 2024

Posted: 2024-03-09.

There’s a belief related to movies that states sequels are never — ok, more like _seldom_ — better than the first movie.

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Week 09, 2024

Posted: 2024-03-02.

Last Monday I had the opportunity to do something I really enjoy, which is mentoring people. There’s a couple of new interns working with us since January, and Monday I was in a remote meeting with them, after they asked me to explain our team’s activities and processes in detail. When the invitation came I felt very honored for being chosen.

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Week 08, 2024

Posted: 2024-02-24.

I came across a link to Infinite Craft a couple of weeks ago, if I’m not mistaken. By then I saw that it was some kind of building game where you keep combining tiles of text illustrated with emoji, and see such tiles change into other, new tiles. By the way, according to Neal Agarwal, creator of the game, it is virtually endless. The thing is I didn’t give it a second look then. This week, though, I saw my two children playing it — while having lots of fun, and that made me curious, to say the list.

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Week 07, 2024

Posted: 2024-02-22.

This week came in bringing a long holiday with it. Carnival is probably the most popular festival taking place in Brazil, with Rio’s Carnival being the biggest in the world, although similar gatherings happen in São Paulo, Salvador, Recife and many more Brazilian cities.

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Week 06, 2024

Posted: 2024-02-10.

I went to work at the office this week, and wrote about it versus working from home. I don’t want to convince you about what is right or not, too polemic a subject… it was just something I felt like writing about.

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Week 05, 2024

Posted: 2024-02-03.

While I was on vacations I accident broke one of my teeth. And this week I could finally go to the dentist in order to have it properly treated, a root canal treatment — taking me so many weeks to have it treated because I had to wait for my dentist to get back from _her_ own vacations.

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Week 04, 2024

Posted: 2024-01-27.

I have come back to work this week, after well spent vacations where I could relax and gather renewed energy for 2024’s challenges. The first day at work welcomed me with a trip to Sorocaba, a city approximately two and a half hours distant from my hometown — also the city where the company I work for has its headquarters. I had never been to Sorocaba before (although my employer company has facilities there), so it was wonderful both to be able to know a different city and to participate in a workshop prepared by my manager and supervisor, where we had lectures and activities related to marketing and to business planning.

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Aziz, le bouquiniste

Posted: 2024-01-22.

Existe um sebo) em Marrocos, chamado Bouquiniste El azizi, que já está em atividade no mesmo local há mais de 40 anos, sobre o qual eu acidentalmente encontrei uma série de artigos essa semana, e que me mostrou como algumas pessoas às vezes são capazes de começar verdadeiras cruzadas de altruísmo, buscando o bem maior.

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Week 03, 2024

Posted: 2024-01-20.

I have been experimenting with NearlyFreeSpeech Web Hosting for a couple of months. Behind these experiments is a wish I have to pay less for online services — especially web hosting.

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Remoto ou presencial

Posted: 2024-01-17.

Existe uma contradição entre o trabalho remoto e o trabalho presencial.

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Week 02, 2024

Posted: 2024-01-13.

After a very long time — specially from my older son’s point of view —, we again received news regarding his Japanese MEXT scholarship. And, it turns out, they were very good news! After a hiatus of months without hearing anything from the consulate, he received an email last Thursday, stating that he was, indeed, approved!

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If It Bleeds

Posted: 2024-01-11.

Com sangue, the Brazilian Portuguese version of “If it bleeds” is the latest book I’ve finished this year — the second in my goal of 20. This is a book composed of four novellas, all of them new material from Stephen King’s mind, who published the book in 2019.

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Lollipops and AI don’t go together well

Posted: 2024-01-07.

LinkedIn popped this story on my personal feed last night, and I felt I needed to share it.

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Week 01, 2024

Posted: 2024-01-06.

I’ve spent New Year’s Eve with my parents, along with my wife and kids. We did nothing fancy, just had a small dinner while we all waited until midnight came and 2023 gave place to 2024. This year fireworks were more visible from my parent’s apartment, and longer, too — it may have taken longer to finish, as well, 12 minutes if I’m not mistaken.

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Às vezes um charuto é só um charuto mesmo

Posted: 2024-01-06.

Um amigo mencionou a frase que escolhi para dar título a este post, esta semana, durante uma boa conversa que estávamos tendo. Ao citar a frase, ele me disse se tratar do charuto de Freud.

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Posted: 2022-11-19.

Minha avó era costureira das boas, e durante muitos anos dar aulas de costura foi o que ela fez para criar minha mãe e meus dois tios no interior do estado de São Paulo.

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A arma de Tchekov

Posted: 2021-08-06.

Anton Tchekhov (1860-1904) foi um dramaturgo e escritor russo que dizia que qualquer objeto apresentado ao público em uma obra de entretenimento deve ser utilizado em algum momento da trama ou descartado para não causar distrações.

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