Week 9, 2023

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✱ I’ve come to the conclusion that 2023 is really the year I can say I came back to a more decent rythm with my reading. This week I could finish yet another book, the fourth this year, and that gave me free time to resume reading Outlander, a series written by Diana Gabaldon which is composed of 9 books so far, each one a huge tome with more than a 1,000 pages. I love long, well narrated books, the kind that makes us feel the story is endless, and God, was I in need of diving into some fiction lately. I’m currently reading the fifth book in the series, The Fiery Cross, and I do intend to take it to the end, after pausing it in the past due to some personal affairs I’d been dealing with. The thing is I discovered this Answer in Progress YouTube channel this week, and enjoyed watching Sabrina’s videos so much that when I saw Why you stopped reading I felt I needed to start reading Why Fish Don’t Exist, by Lulu Miller, just because. So this is the latest book to have jumped my reading line, but… I don’t actually care. I can handle Diana’s fiction and this non-fiction resembling fiction written by Miller at the same time. Bring them on 🙂

✱ I started to… tried to start journaling using Day One, just to give up on its free trial this week. I guess I’d better keep my reflections in a more private way, like a dedicated Obsidian vault. They’re supposed to be more text than imagery anyway, and I feel more relieved by keeping my thoughts at hand in a more controlled way…

✱ Some years ago I was studying French. All of a sudden, this week, I’ve been bitten by the learning bug again, so I’m thinking about starting to read en français encore une fois. I’ve got a thing with languages. When I was still a kid, I took one of these vocational tests where I found out I could learn languages easily, and since then, it’s been a way filled with discoveries and lots of fun… 😃 Are you a French speaker willing to talk to me and teach me more of this marvelous language in the process? Get in touch 🇫🇷

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