Week 7, 2023

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✱ My weely posts have worked just they way I’d like them to. As regular prompts for me to write and reflect. I’ve just decided to do them the same way others are doing and, instead of numbering my posts sequentially (this would be the 4th in the series), I decided to name them according to the year’s current week number, which is why now the title now reads the way it does. I guess it makes better sense this way.

✱ I’ve always known about Obsidian’s daily notes and also experimented with them sometimes. But this week I decided to try it in a “more serious” approach, if I may call it this way. As after setting up the very nice Remotely-save Obsidian plugin I could finally start syncing my iPhone notes to my OneDrive account, I realized daily notes would be a perfect location for all of my quick, unstructured notes, including small reflections I come to during the day, sites and news I find, work and life achievements, book indications, and so on and so forth. I just write whatever and sync it to my OneDrive to be preserved. Then, from there, it goes (or doesn’t go) anywhere I want it to go to. The approach felt the most frictionless for me — and it even allowed me to create more blog posts as a side product: I wrote Office calendars are all wrong and Notetaking has to go your way after starting to use daily notes. So this looks like a keeper to me.

✱ Another very nice effect of writing my personal daily notes is to be able to better combat imposter syndrome, a bad thing which sometimes strikes me. Writing my personal and professional achievements in daily notes is like leaving messages to my future self. Whenever the syndrome strikes me, I can just scroll through my daily entries looking for achievements and deeds that were only possible because of my competence. Et voilà, instant antidote.

✱ I came back to watching one of my favorite cartoons, Bob’s Burgers, on Star Plus. This week, after some long hiatus, got to see 3 more episodes, all properly registered at Trakt. I love adult-oriented cartoons such as Family Guy and even The Simpsons, but Bob’s got a special spot. I’m way behind on seasons (still on the sixth one) but, hey, I kind of prefer it this way, because it allows me, when I have time, to binge watch.

✱ On other series, me and the kids kept watching Spy X Family, having reached episode 10 of the 25 released for season one. I keep my opinion, it’s an amazing anime, and it makes me very happy to know season 2 is coming in 2023, along with a movie. I’m also up to date with The Last of Us, in this case looking forwards to new episodes, released weekly. For a series based on a videogame franchise, it’s going pretty well.

✱ When I was a teen there was this jingle of a FM radio comedy show I used to listen to. It aired during lunch time and, when it was summer — as it currently is here in Brazil —, it used to sing something like “summer is a damned season“. Although long gone, I’ve always had that jingle on my mind. Summer is my least favorite season of the year because heat is something I like to avoid as much as possible, although I try to get by it as best as I can. But this year’s temperatures in our city are edging the unbearable for me. For example, it’s 3PM while I’m typing this and 29°C (84°F) outside. It’s a nightmare for me. Luckily, each season lasts for only 3 months, and fall’s scheduled to begin by March 20th here, roughly 1 month from now.

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