Week 6, 2023

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✱ I have rediscovered Omnivore, a very nice, complete and open source read-it-later application for anyone like me who likes reading — or, maybe, pile up things to read, at least… 😅. It all started when I posted about coming across Cubox, yet another bookmarking and read-it-later solution. Soon I engaged in an interesting conversation with Brandon, and soon the devs were involved. They are thankfully not only on Mastodon too, but also are very responsive to suggestions. The thing is I downloaded the app again and, in a few days time, I could notice how I improved a whole lot since I had walked out on it. So much that now I wonder if I’ll keep using Readwise Reader or Matter, which are similar solutions. My only certain move is to keep using Upnext, app for which I have a lifetime subscription and that I (also) love. Omnivore devs also won me after they said they had just implemented notes export in markdown format, but specially because after I suggested them a couple of things, they were so quickly implemented: first, Brazilian Portuguese as a TTS (additional) language and, second, adding Atkinson Hyperlegible to the available fonts for article text rendering — it even became the devs favorite font.

✱ On my crusade towards adding Atkinson Hyperlegible font to other services I use, I had asked Bazqux developer, Vladimir Shabanov, to add it to the feed reader. He thanked me for the suggestion, but refused it:

Hello, thank you for the idea, but I’m afraid I won’t add more fonts. Everybody wants their font and every font has some layout issues, so I need to test how it looks in various browsers. And in general at the moment reader is in support only mode (as I changed the country and have a full-time job now). I making sure that it’s running but don’t develop any new features.

No problem. He has a point regarding everyone wanting their fave fonts everywhere, and also, as he’s working fulltime now, it’s comprehensible to only keep the things running.

✱ My older son has been studying Japanese for a couple of years now (I do like that but am every day more convinced I wasn’t cut out for learning eastern languages 😂😂). Anyway, thanks to his interest in the language he’s been watching a lot of anime, among which, Spy X Family, series which — you may have guessed — is about spying. A very talented spy has to accomplish a new mission, but, for that, will have to arrange himself a family, what he ends up doing. It’s just an uncommon one (I won’t spoil anything, but Anya, his daughter, is the cutest 😍). Now, besides The Last of Us, that we have caught up with the 4th episode this week, Spy X Family got itself a spot in our hearts here.

✱ This week I worked in office for 3 days in a row, the last one yesterday. Our director is visiting Brazil and wanted to perform a series of one-on-one meetings with us, besides taking the time to promote a workshop. It was very nice, lots of hard work done with the collaboration and camaraderie of friends. In the end it all paid up and we moved a little more towards our objectives. I guess as next week our director will still be here, we’ll end up going at least once more to our office premises. I’m sure it’ll be nice once again — the only thing I have to admit is that I’m not used to the commuting and office routine so much anymore: I felt very tired after three days and also concluded I’m not used to wearing long pants and shoes any longer… felt so hot compared to my bermuda shorts and flip-flops.

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