Week 5, 2023

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✱ After hearing so many people mentioning it on Mastodon, I decided to try The Last of Us on HBO Max. As I’m not a PlayStation player, although having already heard about the videogame the series originated from, I didn’t know the story, which has an apocalyptical air to it the same as The Walking Dead. Three episodes later, I can say I want more. This has been a very surprising finding for me. 📺

✱ After a long season without showing to pay me a visitsinusitis came back this week. I simply hate it, because it makes my head feel heavy, causing me to sneeze and to have to deal with running nose. As I write this post, it’s been with me for 3 days in a row, each more horrible than the last one. I’m already taking medicine for it, so I hope it doesn’t take too long to go away. 🤧

✱ Finished my first book in 2023 \o/! As it is expected from me, it was none of the books which are currently in my reading list, but a short, curious title about Galaga, the videogame, written by Michael Kimball. As the game has 255 stages, so does the book have 255 chapters, filled with curiosities and fun facts about the classic Namco shmup from the ’80’s and also about the author’s life as a teenager. If you’re into games, then that’s a nice quick read. 📚

✱ Although I’ve written much more already this year, I cannot say I’m satisfied. So many ideas come to mind for blog posts and fiction texts, but many of them, as soon as they start to be written, just don’t prove to be worth investing in. Also, this week has been so full of work activities that, when I had the time to write, I just didn’t have the needed energy. I hope this is temporary, as I love to write. The upside on all of this, if I may call it this way is that I’m no short of places where to publish my thinking: First, there’s my weblog.lol address, where you’re reading these hebdomadary notes. After giving it a long thought, I believe this will be dedicated to writing in English. Second, there’s my bearblog.dev address, to which I’ve bought a lifetime sub this week in order to support Herman, its developer. This is a place I intend to use to write in Portuguese, my mother language. And last, but not least, there’s Mastodon for my microblogging. So, no shortage of homes for my thinking. Just need to start.

✱ Thanks to Maique’s post on Mastodon, mentioning the Atkinson Hyperlegible font this week, I found a new favorite — before that, the position was occupied by Inter, which still has a place in my heart. Atkinson is such a nice, well made font that now I have plans to use it everywhere I can. I noticed Matter offers it as an alternative that I’ve already activated. Using an iOS app named Fontcase I also installed a profile in iPhone and started using it as a custom font for the Ice Cubes app, one of my two favorite Mastodon clients. And I also asked Bazqux developer, Vladimir Shabanov, to incorporate it to the fonts available in his feed reader. I hope he is able to do it.

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