Week 46, 2023

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✱ I watched the last episode of Loki last Sunday. Season two was way better than the first one, and this last episode… was… amazing! I didn’t expect the story to turn the ways it turned, but I’m glad it did! The writers seem to have thought the ending and everything else from the first episode in season one — maybe making Loki the best Marvel story ever made to date. Despite knowing that Marvel has no plans for a season 3 because the story they wanted to tell was completely told, I’m going to miss Tom Hiddleston’s character very much. He’s become my favorite (sorry, Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man — you’re now ) and at least I have the fact that he’s certainly become the most powerful being in MCU to comfort me. Oh, and I’ll miss Miss Minutes, as well… ☺️

✱ Back in September we had a very bad heat wave happening where I live. Things got really hot then, to the point of making me think that nothing could be worse than those days. Until this week started. Last Sunday temperatures hit 41°C (105°F) by noon and Monday greeted us with 38°C (almost exactly 100°F). I hate the heat, as I’ve said it already a couple of times… the fans and air conditioning at home have been on most of the time this week and yet it felt we were at the edge of comfort. Too bad.

✱ On the bright side, my father celebrated his 73rd birthday last Tuesday. Me, my wife and my sons joined him and my mother, along with my sister and brother-in-law for a small, cozy and simple night reunion, at it was nice to be around him on such a special date. I love my father and I’m so thankful for his health and happiness. Godspeed him, always.

✱ On Thursday I did something I had not been able to do in sometime now. Me and a couple of good friends from work went out for some afternoon coffee and good conversation. It made me really happy to be able to do it, because it so much helps with making work and its challenges more smooth. It’s really good to have nice friends to be around.

✱ I’m sure I have already mentioned it here that I’m not exactly the kind of person who talks a lot about soccer. But this last Thursday our National Team, Brazil, played against Colombia in a match valid for the FIFA Men Soccer World Cup qualifiers. And their performance was so… lousy. Yes, Gabriel Martinelli opened the score right at 4′, but then, it was just that. We attacked little and defended yet less… so much so that Luis Diaz scored both the tier and the score turner goals, at 75′ and 79′, defining the result as 2–1 for the Colombians. Brazil’s campaign so far is one of the worst I can remember and I’m seriously questioning myself if this will be the unprecedented time we’ll be off the World Cup. That would be a bummer.

✱ I’m pretty excited about this site as of lately. I decided to move my hosting to Pikapods. The performance is so nice so far that I believe this is a decision I should have made much earlier — but better later than never. I have also been able to migrate a considerable lot of my notes to the site from Blot.im, where I still have an account but will close it later this year. More migration and some adjustments before I can do it.

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  1. humdrum Avatar

    @daniel with the legal trouble Jonathan Majors is in, there's a chance they pivot and have Hiddelston/Loki be the big bad instead of Majors/Kang in the next wave of films.

    1. Daniel Santos Avatar

      That would be very interesting to see if it does happen! I would love to see more of Hiddelston on screen if it’s possible… on the other hand, I didn’t know Majors was in any legal trouble…

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