Week 43, 2023

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✱ Good news coming from my cardiologist this week. After my blood exams results came back he said my general status is as good as it was back in 2018 — specially my glucose index, which thankfully came down to 85 from 109, causing me instant relief. Also I’ve lost 1.5kg in weight, what I’m not at all complaining about. The idea is to keep taking care and go back for another appointment with him within 6 months.

✱ This week I’m completely worn out. I have gone to work in person again because of the work I mentioned in my previous weeknotes, which is still in progress. The difference this week is that I could meet some work colleagues — and very good friends — in person after a very long time. Really, being able to talk face to face to people that I didn’t meet in years was really awesome and felt rewarding in many senses. Still, I’m thankful for being able to WFH most of the time.

✱ Due to the fact of being so tired this week I ended up accumulating two unwatched Loki episodes, meaning that now I’m officially behind in terms of second season — although I might have listened to some disturbing spoilers, specially in regards to episode 4. I do intend to get up to date during the weekend, though. And for the same reasons, my progress watching One Pieceis also temporarily stalled — not to mention Spy x Family, whose second season started airing without me watching even a single episode of it.

✱ According to my sons, “that time of the year when dad does nothing except for watching TV is back“. They are, of course, referring to the return of NBA, now in its 2023-2024 season. They aren’t completely wrong about it, as I do like to watch games whenever I can, but I have, of course, my preferences. Miami Heat goes on occupying the spot of my favorite team, but I also like to watch Lakers, Celtics, Raptors and Bucks (although depending on the day, any game will do). And after so many years, it’s the first time I’m following a new NBA season from day one. I’m happy! ☺️

✱ This morning I took the kids to play soccer. They love doing it — going to the soccer field at least 3 to 4 times a week, normally taken there by my wife while I’m working. But this Saturday morning it was my turn. I’m not at all a great soccer player (I’m a lousy one, believe me), but I took advantage of the fact not only to spend some quality time along with them, but also to exercise. It was really worth the while.

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