Week 42, 2023

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✱ I’ve gone to work in person a couple more times this week as week, as the works with the Obeya room progress. It’s very likely I’ll need to drop by in person next week too, although maybe less often. As much as I appreciate the idea of visiting the company’s premises — after all, I’ve spent 19 years going there everyday —, I have to admit that working from home is something I appreciate as well. I guess what I’m trying to say is that a little balance every once in a while might be good, but I wouldn’t appreciate it very much to have to go to work in person every week… and I thank God everyday for being so lucky as not having to. It’s wonderful!

✱ Following doctor’s prescriptions, I’ve gone to the lab this week in order to have my blood tested — as part of an upcoming routine appointment scheduled for next week. If I’m not mistaken, I’ve already said it here, in a previous weeknote of mine, that I was lucky to find a good cardiologist again. And I’m somewhat anxious about the appointment itself, as I’ve been looking forwards to see how my body is, generally speaking, as to perform the needed route corrections: I’m pretty sure there are route corrections to be made… 🙈

✱ It was my birthday this week! 🥳 I’m thankful for completing another round around the Sun being mostly healthy, satisfied with the way my life and my work are doing as of recently, and with no significant reasons to complain about. I hope this new cycle reserves me nice surprises and challenges.

✱ I’ve been gifted with a new pair of cargo shorts and a very nice fleece jacket for colder days for my birthday. They were exactly what I needed! ☺️

✱ I’ve had this wish to play a certain board game from my childhood that just won’t go away for the last couple of weeks now. The game is Interpol, released in Brazil in the now far-away year of 1983 (now that I think of it, making it 40 years old!!) with this name, but known mostly everywhere else in the world as Scotland Yard. I know of digital versions of this game created for Tabletop Simulator on Steam, but although fun, they’re not the same as playing on the table with friends. With the game out of production and sale for years here in Brazil, I tried looking for an used box set, but with no success, as the games I found were either missing pieces or too pricey for something used and/ or in bad state. When I was about to give up, it occurred to me that maybe some company somewhere around the world could still be producing it. And one eBay search later made me very happy! I found the game still being actively produced and ordered myself a copy — hey, it’s my birthday after all, right? This will certainly give me and my folks at home lots of guaranteed fun.

✱ I’ve written about experimentations I have done with Blot.im for the past weeks, as I fancy both the idea of posting without being stuck to a timeline as it is the case with conventional blog posts, and also to finally set up my digital garden notes with proper backlinks support. I’ve even set up a very satisfying automated workflow for posting to Blot, using its git repo hosting option and connecting it to Obsidian using the obsidian-git plugin. But then… I came across Winnie Lim‘s website and learned about how she’s using pure WordPress to create a learning and reflection tool, mixing journal, digital garden and commonplace book altogether — all with the help of a single (yet fantastic) plugin called Pods. This made me realize that with proper time and acquired knowledge I’ll be able to create something similar, what is actually my objective. So I’ll probably postpone leaving WordPress just yet.

✱ The WordPress theme bug bit me this week — and I have to confess that I hate it when that happens, because I’ll just start going in circles trying to find a theme that will fit my taste. The problem is nobody makes good WordPress themes anymore. Of course, there’s Anders Norén who is the man in terms of nice looking themes nowadays. Also, Matthias Pfefferle created the fantastic Autonomie theme, which I was using so far. But if I intend to create something in the likes of a digital garden, I just need it to be almost bare. Text only. And they don’t do it these days. Fortunately, I remembered Raam Dev and his Independent Publisher theme, which I used for years and… it still works nowadays! So I instantly activated it again here — how did you like it?

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