Week 40, 2023

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✱ This week my son received his JLPT N1 Proficiency certificate! It came by mail, a couple of months since he took the test in São Paulo. The delay lies in the fact that each and every test taken is manually reviewed and assessed… but the important thing is that the results are in and he got it! I told him to hang his certificate on the wall, but he refused — too humble to do so. I’m so happy for him!

✱ I had one of the most amazing career and life coaching sessions this week after talking to my manager. I hadn’t had the opportunity yet, but that was an hour and 20 minutes, approximately, that totally paid off. Lots of teachings and insights, specially on the personal side. I could address harmful situations like the risk of burnout and anxiety, among so many other things. Really, really amazing.

Flowershow App developers have added some interesting features to their digital garden publishing solution as of lately. Among these, the abilities to create a blog category and to migrate from WordPress. This is extremely appealing to me, as I’ve always dreamed of finding a tool where wiki and blog could be merged together effortlessly. Maybe that’s the moment, although I couldn’t make Flowershow work with my Github account, yet. I’ve asked for help in their forums, though, and now I just need to wait for a while and find out what I’m doing wrong.

✱ By the way, Flowershow app might contribute, if well implemented, to my digital gardening experience in place of Blot.im, that I mentioned having subscribed to last week. And, best of all, totally free of charge. I’m really excited to try it out as well, so I’m anxious to see what answers I’ll get from the forum question I mentioned above…

✱ Oh… Loki is back for season 2. That’ll be 6 more episodes telling a very interesting story and they’ll be released weekly. For now I’ve watched the first one with my son, and my God… I almost decided to rewatch the first season, as I wasn’t recalling everything that was happening 😅. I guess that’s because season 2 took quite a while to be released: more than two whole years, actually, as S1 aired between June and July, 2021, while S2 premiered only October, 2023. Fortunately, as the first episode of the new season unrolled, memories started to come back.

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