Week 39, 2023

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✱ Last Sunday my soccer team, São Paulo FC, conquered the 2023 Copa do Brasil championship title… for the first time! Among Brazil’s soccer championships’ titles, this happened to be the only one São Paulo had been unable to conquer before, so its corresponding trophy was the only one not in my team’s gallery. The final round, consisting of two matches between São Paulo and Flamengo, ended up 2-1 in the aggregate score, thus resulting in our victory. It was amazing to finally witness this feat, and as a long time supporter of São Paulo, this made me very, very happy!

✱ I’ve watched Reporting for Duty, on Netflix. That’s a Brazilian police comedy sitcom suggested to me by Netflix algorithms, which I’ve decided to trust and check out. Comprised of 8 episodes in its first season, it revolves around Suzano, a police chief in the fictional Rio de Janeiro state countryside city of Campo Manso, where he was also born and raised. After inadvertently helping capture a criminal, Suzano is promoted to chief of the 8th precinct in the capital, Rio de Janeiro, where his new officers are not very welcoming. The series’ teaser trailers made me remember the likes of Brooklyn 99, but it was a grateful surprise to find out it had both humor and a plot of its own. After finishing the 8 episodes in two days, I started to wonder whether there’ll be a second season, as for when Netflix is involved, one never knows. I do hope so, though, and a proper cliffhanger for it was at least provided. Something odd, too, was to find out the name of the series in English so I could mention it in this post — in Brazilian Portuguese, the series’ original language, it is called B.O., acronym for Boletim de Ocorrência, or Police Report in English.

✱ I’ve finished 16 more episodes of One Piece, meaning that I’ve left its second seasonEnter the Grand Line, containing the Whiskey Peak & Little Garden arcs — behind. It’s been quite entertaining to watch more of the episodes and I have to admit that it surprised how much has happened in these few 23 minute stories. The imagination of Eiichiro Oda is quite amazing — and I’ll have to read the manga sometime soon in the future. For now, I’m 3 episodes into season 3 — Enter Chopper at the Winter —, where I know, thanks to a little spoiler from my son, that a new crew member, Chopper, will join Luffy and his gang.

✱ The internet is such a big place, isn’t it? It’s amazing to unexpectedly find useful websites in it once in a while. This week I’ve stumbled upon Lunapic, an online image editor where you can add lots of effects to your graphics, such as cropping, scaling, rotating them, but also removing the background, replacing it with another and adding filters. I don’t usually need too many of these features, but from what I’ve tested, it works very well. If you can combine usefulness and free, then, I’m completely sold.

✱ I’ve decided to experiment with digital gardening again, this time by purchasing a Blot.im subscription. I already knew a lot, and had previously paid for a month there, eyeing the amazing support it has for wikilinks, the [[same kind]] used by Obsidian and other notetaking tools. This has made me start to work in connecting both, in a temporary address, where I’ve also imported my weeknotes as a test — two things I must warn you if you decide to check it, though, are that the posts are all in Brazilian Portuguese and that everything is still messy: the dates, the links… I’d also like to mention that while I was deciding whether to take Blot for a second spin, @humdrum‘s The Independent Variable had an important role as he uses Blot and creates one of the nicest sites I’ve seen to date with the tool.

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