Week 38, 2023

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✱ As I finished my previous weeknotes talking about Luke, I guess there’s nothing better than starting this week by talking about him again. I’ve just bought a dog door in order to make both his and my lifes easier: during the day, while I’m working, Luke likes to keep me company, what, while adorable, also makes me have to interrupt whatever I’m working on at the moment to open my office’s door so I can let him in (or out). I know it doesn’t seem to be much, but the thing is it actually is. So after some consideration I bought this dog door, and while these are normally set up on exterior doors, I’ll be placing mine internally… kind of a weekend project.

✱ I have finished reading Perseguindo Adeline, second book in a duology, making me advance to 12 books read this year — still 8 behind my personal year goal. The two books belong to the dark romance genre, something new for me, where dark, normally disturbing themes are openly treated by the author. I have nothing against dark romances, but I do have a point against badly written texts. The Brazilian Portuguese translation is awful and made me think more often than not about dropping the book. It’s so bad that it looks… either very amateur or totally translated by an automated service like Google Translate. So I can’t recommend the book. Not really.

✱ While I’m speaking about books, this week I’ve come across Why Flying Is Miserable: And How to Fix It, an upcoming book to be released in November by Ganesh Sitaraman, an American legal scholar from whom I’ve read an article in where he speaks about how modern airlines have become more similar to banks than to transportation industry options, all due to detailed regulations. This is a subject which interests me so it was very nice to enjoy the article and find out about the book. Already added to my “Want to read” queue.

I’m not the biggest fan of rainy days. But these last days have made me reconsider it a bit as it’s been hot as hell here in Brazil. Temperatures can still rise to over 40 degrees Celsius (104°F) in the days to come, all due to greenhouse effect gases and El Niño combined. I guess I can call myself lucky as I’ve been working from home and I don’t need to be on streets all the time, but still. No fan or air conditioning seems to be sufficing… so either rain coming, or this heat wave going, I’d welcome any.

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