Week 24, 2023

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✱ After two weeks in a row, I’ve finished reading Dragon Wing, the first of the seven books that form the Death Gate Cycle, an adult fantasy fiction series created by authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman still in the 1990’s. I wrote about the book, which I found very appealing, and considered it to be unputdownable. Thus, I read it on every opportunity I found myself with some spare time in my hands. I was also helped by the fact that we had a long, four day long, weekend last week.

Denver Nuggets became the 2023 NBA Season Champions. As someone supporting Miami, that’s not exactly the result I was expecting — I would have loved to see at least one additional, sixth game. On the one hand, I feel sad for Heat not winning another title. On the other, though, I kind of liked to see Denver getting to its first title after 47 years playing without ever being able to lift the trophy. So congratulations to Jokić and all the team. As for me, there’s always the next season to be played, isn’t it? 🙌🏀

✱ This week I took a couple of hours to play Hill Climb Racing again — a mobile game first introduced to me by one of my former bosses many years ago —, after I subscribed (again) to Apple Arcade. It was really fun remembering the game and spending time with it (although according to my younger son, I may have crossed some kind of invisible limit of hours played 😅).

✱ I went to the dentist this week, also, after some persisting pain in one of my upper teeth. Fortunately it wasn’t anything complicated to treat — and now I’m free from the pain I was undergoing.

My older son turned 18 this week! We’re so happy for him, and celebrated the occasion with cake and pizza, exactly how he had asked it to be. My parents, sister and brother-in-law all came in to join us in the celebration. As for his future, he’s currently hard at work pursuing a Japanese college scholarship which I believe, intelligent as he is, he’ll have plenty of conditions to achieve. May God always speed your journey, son. I love you very much.

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