Week 21, 2023

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✱ I’ve always been a big fan of Michael J. Fox, specially because of the Back to The Future trilogy he starred. So it was only natural for me to want to watch Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie this week, a documentary released on Apple TV+, where he gets in front of the cameras to tell his story, show how his career was inevitably affected by Parkinson’s and how, despite of everything that’s happened to him, he’s kept incurably optimistic. “The trembling was a message.. from the future”, as he says during the movie, but it never kept him from keeping on moving. He was never still. If you’re also a fan and have the chance to watch it, just do it.

✱ I know this will sound pretty volatile, but I’ve decided to carry out some experiments with the free Obsidian Live Sync plug-in in order to substitute for Obsidian Sync, which I just cannot afford now. So far, so good: using a free IBM Cloudant database I’m being able to sync between my iPhone and my Windows desktop computer flawlessly. If everything turns out well for some more time, I’ll try to also integrate Amethyst to the workflow. Amethyst is an Obsidian-compatible Hugo theme that can be used to replace Obsidian Publish. Should all of this work together, I might Soon™ ditch my Dokuwiki in favor of this crazy bundle. Stay tuned.

✱ As I usually work from home, it’s not every day that I get to meet my colleagues and my friends. This week, though, many of us met in a place that was new to me — a mix of bar and sports practicing place, where one can practice beach tennis, not that I personally did it 😅. The thing is it was very nice to be able to spend a couple of hours chatting and doing small talk, unrelated to anything about work. I hope we repeat this more often.

✱ This week’s been really busy. Lots of things to do, and learning. Thus I didn’t have all the energy I’d like to and, besides two new quotes and an image about reading, I wasn’t able to finish and publish any of the drafted texts I have saved. But I hope to publish more as soon as I finish a couple more activities. After all, writing and publishing has been a real therapy for me.

✱ I was invited to moderate the presentation of a proof-of-concept involving virtual reality applied in a training solution, during a seminar on technology and innovation organized by the company I work for, next month. I was flattered for being considered, and, of course, accepted it. And yesterday I could watch an explanation about the project — and, yet more interesting, I was able to try the solution out, by using very cool AR/VR glasses, and it was awesome.

✱ Hours before publishing my weekly notes, that is, this very same Saturday morning, I had the chance to participate live in a very interesting PKM discussion hosted by Geffrey van der Bos, where he, Alex Qwxlea and me talked about Omnivore as a replacement for Readwise, as the latter can be very pricey depending on the region of the world where you live, Amethyst as a replacement for Obsidian Publish and many other things. I got Geffrey’s custom CSS callout style for highlights up and running and also got acquainted with the Obsidian File Chucker plug-in. In the end it was all very fun and productive.

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