Week 20, 2023

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✱ According to my pedometer app, I’ve walked 29.5km this week. It’s probably not much for people who are used to walking and running as a means of exercising, but it is a lot to me. Actually, I’ve gone above the 10,000 steps a day threshold twice and got so cheered up by it that decided to try it thrice. I shouldn’t have. Last Monday I ended up visiting my osteopath, so she could put my bones into their right place. It felt nice to stop feeling pain, but in exchange I’ve been properly scolded by her, who reminded me that I should go easier when exercising, specially because I’m not actually used to do it very often. But I’ll try again, this time only in a easier pace.

✱ After considering to purchase Obsidian Publish for some time this week, I’ve decided not to. It is probably cheap in American dollars at 8 bucks a month charged annually, but when converted to Brazilian Reais it becomes very expensive, in my opinion, at over 450 bucks. Too much to keep a digital garden — although I still think Obsidian is a wonderful tool and will keep using it locally and offline.

✱ Giving up on Obsidian Publish made me consider a “B plan”. Years ago I fiddled a little bit with DokuWiki trying to create a personal wiki. And now, by using notes I’ve created locally, I went back to the idea and published my personal wiki and digital garden. It is in Portuguese only and filled with gaps that I need to address, but at least it’s gaining shape. I hope to keep on working in it.

✱ I had the opportunity of going out and have lunch with a couple of good friends from work this week. It was very nice to spend a couple of hours talking to them and making only small talk. The food was very nice also. And in the end I was gifted with a very hard to find — at least in the region where I live — chocolate bar. It was a mixture of white chocolate and cashew nuts, pretty yummy 😋.

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