Week 17, 2023

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✱ My son had a tomography of his inferior wisdom teeth this week. All because his teeth are in a difficult position to come through, and will need to be extracted while internal. This exam will allow the dentist to define the best strategy to do so. The exam itself is one I had never heard about, a “cone beam” tomography — very advanced and vanguardist, according to his dentist. I hope the results are good and do allow to choose the best course of action.

✱ Anxiety fell hard on me this Monday. Lots of things I’ve still been learning and getting used to professionally were the great culprits. Thank God I have very nice friends who could quickly cheer me up and help me overcome it.

✱ Deciding to use WordPress for blogging again is something I don’t regret a bit. Nevertheless, I knew the risks I was going to be exposed to, specially my long date mania of never being satisfied with the theme I use for the site. It is true I decided to start with a no-brainer, that is, the Beaumont theme from Anders Noren, who produces very high quality themes for free, but I couldn’t help wanting to change it, even knowing that most WordPress modern themes are bloated, block-based Gutenberg ones. I even created a discussion thread at Órbita, a Brazilian discussion forum, looking for simple theme suggestions, but it wasn’t until Tuesday, after starting to follow Matthias Pfefferle in Mastodon, that I came across his Autonomie theme, “a highly semantic, responsive, accessible and search engine optimized WordPress Theme”, charged with HTML5 templates, and refined with several microformats, and many OpenWeb plugins. When I saw that it has auto-dark mode according to the user’s local preferences and support for post formats, I was sold. And this is why — until I change my mind again, at least, Autonomie is powering my site.

✱ 🏀 Total NBA week for me, following every playoffs game I can (even though my personal preference is for Miami Heat and Lakers). Honestly I’m rediscovering the joy of watching BB games and I’m loving it. Kudos to Jimmy Butler, by the way, for being a real LEGEND and for taking Heat further down the championship road.

✱ Took my younger son to see the doctor this week because he was coughing lots and lots. Stuffed nose too, and for many days. Needed to start antibiotics, but is doing better now. As my trip to Rio de Janeiro approaches, I took the chance and also saw the doctor, because of a (now properly medicated) sore throat. 🤒 😷

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