Week 12, 2023

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✱ As my reading of A guerra da Papoula, the Brazilian Portuguese translation of The Poppy Wars, by author R. F. Kuang progresses to ⅓ of the book, this week started greeting me with very nice news from the team at Literal.club. I can’t remember exactly when I applied to be a volunteer librarian for the app, but this week my application was accepted! This means that now, according to the admins at Literal, I have librarian superpowers, like merging, creating and editing book information. This makes me particularly satisfied because it’s usually very hard to find Brazilian Portuguese book information on these book tracking apps, and as a librarian I can help reducing this gap. I’m still in need to learn exactly how to do it, but I’ll get there.

✱ It’s been sometime now that I’ve been considering the idea of creating some kind of linklog, a place to share interesting things I come across daily — and it would be very nice to use weblog.lol to do it, so much that I’ve created a feature request in Discourse for that. My idea is based on the idea of using (currently non-existing) tag templates that could be arranged to display in a list, and be paged as needed. I’ve written about it there, so let’s leave it where it is (hoping that Adam sees it and gets to implement it in a neat way as he always does).

✱ This must be my Elvis-iest week ever. I like Elvis Presley songs and everything, although I’m not his biggest fan. But last Monday I listened to Suspicious Minds on the radio and listened later, again, and again, and again. The song became a real earworm. Then, last night, my son told us about this new Elvis (2022) movie he found on HBO and this afternoon we’ve watched it. The film focuses on the conflicting relationship Elvis had with his long time manager, “Colonel” Tom Parker, who actually narrates the story. Suspicious Minds appears quite a lot during the movie, and besides being a hell of a song, it mixes pretty well with the plot. If you haven’t watched it yet and can do, do it.v

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