weekly things that I found worth noting

  • Week 9, 2023

    ✱ I’ve come to the conclusion that 2023 is really the year I can say I came back to a more decent rythm with my reading. This week I could finish yet another book, the fourth this year, and that gave me free time to resume reading Outlander, a series written by Diana Gabaldon which is composed of 9…

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  • Week 8, 2023

    ✱ Due to Carnival celebration in Brazil, this last week was a much shorter work week: though the holiday itself was on Tuesday, several companies in my country, including the one I work for, usually concede an extra day off on Ash Wednesday. So, all in all, counting from last Sarturday on, I had a…

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  • Week 7, 2023

    ✱ My weely posts have worked just they way I’d like them to. As regular prompts for me to write and reflect. I’ve just decided to do them the same way others are doing and, instead of numbering my posts sequentially (this would be the 4th in the series), I decided to name them according…

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  • Week 6, 2023

    ✱ I have rediscovered Omnivore, a very nice, complete and open source read-it-later application for anyone like me who likes reading — or, maybe, pile up things to read, at least… 😅. It all started when I posted about coming across Cubox, yet another bookmarking and read-it-later solution. Soon I engaged in an interesting conversation with Brandon, and soon the devs were…

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  • Week 5, 2023

    ✱ After hearing so many people mentioning it on Mastodon, I decided to try The Last of Us on HBO Max. As I’m not a PlayStation player, although having already heard about the videogame the series originated from, I didn’t know the story, which has an apocalyptical air to it the same as The Walking Dead. Three episodes later,…

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  • Week 4, 2023

    What is this? I’ve decided to write a post about my week, every week, as a means to prompt myself to write regularly. I stole this idea from maique‘s Things This Week, who in turn was inspired by James Van Dyne‘s The Week. This is the first post in this format. If you’re curious, hebdomadary is just a…

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