Daniel Santos


Origins of the game name

In ancient Rome, a balatro was a professional jester or buffoon. Balatrones were paid for their jests, and the tables of the wealthy were generally open to them for the sake of the amusement they afforded.

Worth to know shortcuts

R key
Pressing R for a couple of seconds will restart the game, placing you at the beginning of a new run (ante 1 of 8). I found it better than having to get back to the main menu in order to do the same.
Pressing the right mouse button will put all cards initially selected to be played (or discarded) back down to your hand. I found it better than having to do it manually, one card at a time.

Tips for winning a run

The first Balatro run I won in my life
The first Balatro run I won in my life!

Now, contrary to many YouTubers I’ve watched playing Balatro, all of them making it seem soooo simple to beat a run, I haven’t won a run myself yet I have actually been able to beat my first Balatro run, as I recount in these weeknotes — the above screenshot is from that run I beat. But I have to say that I trust these tips, which I have found in some different places over the internet, to be the way to conquer that achievement:

User pawbs on Reddit has some tips that apply not only to Balatro, but to deck building roguelikes in general:

User 3lbFlax, also on Reddit, shares these additional strategies:

Resources for (hopefully) beating the first run(s)