Daniel Santos



I currently work at Embraer, a Brazilian aircraft manufacturer where I’ve spent 20+ years in several positions. Currently I help develop the company’s digital services strategy.


I’m currently involved in the continuous, never-ending activity of turning this site into a mix of commonplace book, digital garden, personal knowledge base… and maybe journal. I’ve enjoyed this experience more than ever before as I’ve rediscovered how I want to deal with my online presence and the things I share with the world.


Part of the work of tending to this site is creating and maintaining my digital garden notes. I’m currently importing content from other places where I keep my notes, especially Obsidian, while looking for ways to represent things like the time the notes have been last updated.

I also (occasionally? seldomly?) write some pieces of fiction, such as small tales and personal experiences, available among other content published in my journal. Here’s a favorite of mine.

Learning and improving

Business development. This is so cool and so challenging to me at the same time. Never before had I faced the opportunity to combine previous knowledge I gathered and used in the past — including notions that remained dormant — with new information and opportunity. It’s a daily fight with myself. It’s a daily learning opportunity. It’s a blessing.

Storytelling. I have studied so much about it. I’ve used it so much. Yet, I’m so far from mastering this, and this is so good. I love it.

Design. I know so little about it and yet I want to learn so much. I want to tinker with things like imaging, CSS, theme construction… I love what I see around in the interwebs and I want to apply so much, here, for example.


I read a lot. Many books at a time. I’m a victim of tsundoku. I love and prefer fiction over non-fiction. I’ve abandoned Goodreads in favor of Literal.club, a newer kid on the block, and that’s where I list my current reads.

From all my current reads, I highlight Elven Star, by writers Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, book two in The Death Gate Cycle. It’s amazing.


I don’t want to be repetitive here, but as it happens with reading, I like to watch many things. I love fiction and fantasy, and prefer TV shows over movies. On a weekly basis I try to watch at least a couple of episodes. My history is all listed at Trakt.tv.

I believe among my current watches, the highlights go to Loki, Only Murders in the Building and One Piece (the anime, not the Netflix adaptation).

This is a now page, inspired by Derek Sivers.