Daniel Santos


As part of a lifelong learning journey, one usually gathers a lot of pieces of information that don't actually fit in that normal blog format everyone got used to seeing. The biggest reason is that these pieces of information should remain _updateable_, that is, subject to a lot of editing and changing — completely opposed to editing a blog post: that would seem just wrong.

These pieces of information are my notes, and I'll keep them here, in this section.

Note: Some of these notes may be written in Brazilian Portuguese, either because I have originally started them in my mother language, or because I found it easier to develop my reasoning in Portuguese. If you need, you can always rely on internet automatic translation.

Sobre letramento digital / digital literacy

Letramento digital
O letramento digital, ou digital literacy se refere à capacidade de utilizar, entender e navegar de forma crítica e eficiente pelas tecnologias digitais. Dentro deste tema estão um conjunto de habilidades, conhecimentos e competências que permitem que os indivíduos façam proveito de dispositivos, aplicações e recursos de informação digitais.

On reading

A short note I created to document the meaning of this curious, Japanese originated word, that has everything to do with book lovers or avid readers like myself.