What if words cost money to write?

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I’ve never made a secret of how much I love to write. The fact I’m keeping this site for as far back in past as 2002 is proof of it. I write my thoughts, my opinions and ideas. I write short stories, and even notes and journal entries here. And I write all of these things without ever worrying about using even a single word less than I’ve used.

I’m indeed a wordy, long-winded person.

I use long sentences all the time but they don’t necessarily come out on purpose. It’s just that when I finish writing a paragraph, there they are. And I don’t have a lot of problems because of that… and that’s what makes me keep on using them.

But what if words cost me money to write? Say, a penny each.

I’m taking this “better business writing” course this week, and the teasing came from the instructor, who said that on her business writing workshops, she always tells her students to think about it. It does make you think twice about what to write, doesn’t it?

After all, you gotta cut on your expenses.

Of course, I don’t do business writing here. But I do it professionally, and that’s why I consider it a good thing to be able to cut to the chase when needed, to put important information first when needed. It’s a valuable skill to have. But the thing is, I’m grateful for written words being free. This way I’m able to speak my mind the way I want, whenever I want. Isn’t it wonderful?

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