The barking of Luke

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Do you have a dog? Does he bark a lot?

Here, no one can leave the house without Luke, our dog, accompanying us, while barking along the way. He simply loves barking, either to show that he wants to go with us, or because he detects the presence of people he doesn’t know.

Think of a suspicious animal.

This week, in one of the times I needed to take out the trash, Luke came, barking from the furthest depths of the house. When I opened the door he didn’t stop. And as I closed the door, I noticed that the neighbor was outside, coincidentally with his dog, who he was going to take for a walk.

We got into the elevator and he laughed; he told me that my dog really likes to bark. So much so that the other day Luke even scared his dog (one of a much bigger breed, by the way). And given the amount of Luke’s daily barking, no one in their right mind would be able to justify what the neighbor said.

What I didn’t know is that Luke’s breed, the Yorkshire terrier, is notorious not only for its great intelligence, but also for its barking! This breed is made of small but full of attitude dogs. All of them are extremely territorial, which means they feel the need to protect their home against intruders — and it is this need to protect that causes them, including Luke, to start barking at the slightest sign of noise that appears.

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