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When I mentioned in my latest weeknote, that the interior of the São Paulo state — where I live — was about to experience the second heat wave strike this year, and that the temperatures would be skyrocketed, I could never imagine this.

By this, in both italics and bold, I mean temperatures coming up to 41°C (105°F) or 42°C (107°F). The air conditionings from both my bedroom and the kids’ working to the point of not being any more effective, and even causing us to feel hot… maybe the poor appliances have gone the way of the dodo, I really don’t know. Meanwhile, the two fans I have home only mostly served to spread hot air. It’s awful.

So awful I’m obliged to say that I’ve been overheating this whole week. There are moments, these days, that I’m almost completely unable to work properly. The company I work for, the people with whom I work and that I know are counting on me, cannot — temporarily — rely on me because of my brain’s working in slow mode. It’s awful.

We had a one-day holiday in Brazil yesterday, to celebrate the Brazilian proclamation of the Republic, thus I took the opportunity to go to the pool and try to refresh myself better. It was wonderful to feel a little better. But the moment I left the pool there it came again, the heat. And it was awful.

According to the news (in Portuguese), temperatures are expected to progressively fall by the next days, but not without first reaching their peaks. I’m not sure how to deal with so much hot weather till them. I hope not to be doomed.

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