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Infoxication cartoon by J.R. Mora

Wander around the web long enough and the chances are you’ll end up coming across the latest buzzword, the coolest terminology of the week, sometimes even of the day. Today I came across infoxication, a term I had never heard before.

Infoxication, according to what I briefly learned, refers to the state of being overwhelmed or excessively bombarded with large amounts of information. A person can become infoxicated if they are exposed to an abundance of information big enough to exceed their capacity to effectively process and comprehend it. This may lead to feeling overwhelmed, distracted, and having difficulty making sense of or prioritizing the information.

OMG. Looks like a modern era disease to me.

Fortunately, one I have been using some medicine to combat: my RSS feed subscriptions, for one. My absence from main stream social media, for another, which helps ignoring the FOMO. And journaling — be it in private or in public, like now, when everything else fails.

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