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Sarah Andersen recently nailed it when she draw the above comic. Without knowing it, she reminded me of a 2015 Instagram post by Brazilian artist and blogger Ida Feldman, where she prophetically stated that “while you’re alive, there will be dishwashing”, probably the truest statement I’ve ever seen.

I have this love and hate relationship with dishwashing. Although it’s probably more of a hate and hate relationship. As new dirty dishes, forks, knifes, cups and spoons are certain to doom our lives as soon as we finish washing their siblings, I try to put up with this sad reality by using the time the best I can.

Because it’s normally when I’m doing the dishes that I listen to music, watch the news, watch another episode of one of my favorite series or listen to a podcast. As there’s no escape from the dishes to be washed, I only see fit to use my other senses to better serve me.

Years ago there was this TV advertisement here in Brazil where a woman cheerfully danced to something she was listening to on her headphones while doing the dishes. At a certain point the term dish-o-therapy showed up on screen, because, as there’s no use in complaining about dishwashing, turning this moment into a therapy is totally fine.

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