Tetris has been gravitating around me all week now. With the Tetris movie released on Apple TV on March 29, all I’ve been wanting to do is to watch it. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to grant myself this desire so far, due to a couple of setbacks. Luckily for me, I’ve been enjoying playing Tetris meanwhile: Techmino and Falling Lightblocks on my phone, and Tetris Effect: Connected, on Steam, have sucked away a nice amount of hours from my life. The latter has even made the Tetris theme, in a new rearranged, remixed version, stick to my mind like an earworm. Hopefully, I’ll watch the movie soon… -ish.

✱ I’ll be attending Web Summit Rio, from May 2nd to 4th, and that came as a complete, unexpected surprise! Web Summit Rio will be the first of its kind in Brazil, the largest tech event of the country, comparable to Web Summit Lisbon, Collision in Toronto and RISE in Hong Kong. The surprise aspect happened when, besides learning my employer will be taking part in it for the first time, I took part on a draw among my work mates and was awarded a ti jet to the event, the opportunity to be present there. I’ve always heard about this event and now my expectations are set and high.

✱ I’m back to WordPress after sometime away from the tool. I used to keep my site running on it, and started blogging with it right in its beginning, 2003. I wrote many posts and years later decided to backup everything and pull the plug on it. After a writing hiatus, I settled with many different tools at the same time. There’s Write.as, Bear Blog and omg.lol, this last one the newest addition to my blogging stack. All of them are excellent tools, but all of a sudden I missed WordPress and decided for a comeback. Expect my content to be concentrated here, from now on.

✱ Easter is on us again, and this means we’ve gone shopping for… chocolate 🍫. I don’t know if the custom of eating chocolate eggs is a global thing, but in Brazil Easter eggs are popular, yet not affordable as of the latest years. At home it’s already a practice to make up for the eggs with chocolate bars and assorted candy. And we’re all set for tomorrow here. Stocks filled to appeal to me, my wife and kids.

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